hello...everyone nice to see you here...unfortunately...

Hello.. nice to see you guys here :)
unfortunately..i will stop writing in the page soon..
however, i will redirect all of you to my new blog in a few seconds!!
Let's see you there as you get update with my new life out there :)
See ya :)

Apology (Page under construction X)

Hey..everyone..i am sorry that I had not been updating the blog for donkey years.

It had been such a long holiday for me after the A level exam and only now I find sometime to login to my blog. Sorry to say too that I am lazy to type.

By the way, the first post after the long break will be dedicated to all my friends in INTEC and the manipal gang. Pen down now. See you tomorow.

well.. sorry 4 not updating ...

well... recently .. dun realy feel like updating my blog..
my hectic life is not as tiring but it constrains me .. sort of..
and my stupid lappy just dun listen to me.. crash whenever i connect to net..
well .. luck for me as got a good roommate with accessible lappy :)
btw... jus to tell about sm random stuff..
hm...trials past dy .. now finals coming in less than 45 days ...
and of course it is nearer and nearer...
but i can tell u that..
me, julius tan, only realised that it is so near ...
and i am really not fully prepare in whatever way...
honey mooning for one and half years still considered not enough for me ..i think ..
now it is the time to wake up and get more serious about things...
having my physics A level exam fee paid last last last week..
now i m in fear... still yet to get my trial paper... but
a bit lost as in .. will i able to catch up with all the topics and prepare myself well for the subject??
beside physics... biology chemistry are all horrible night mare..
really having headache thinking over those thing again ..
trial is definitely not a good trial for me...
and.. hopefully everything is ok at the very end...
mayb.. i should say i have to high hope on myself?? i wonder is it so ..

In more or least 100 days .. i ll be freed from the bondage of public examinations...
however,, my future is still not clear yet... ya .. i m a doctor wannabe..
but ... well ..lots of factors involved...

.. .. .. ..haiz... is wat i would do more often recently...
how m i going to overcome the exam is wat i wanna really ask myself...
in 45 days or less...
it is realy reali reali near ...
and it is reali reali reali making me very nervous ...

but all these i wish i can overcome .. with the mighty power of my Father :)
well... pray hard for it ...
i truly believe that i can ... n i noe u are thinking that i can also ..thx ya ...
see u back then :)
bye n take kay

hei thr long time no see...

helo everyone...
it had been a few weeks of torture n perserverence that i stand till today..
it sounds pretty frightening right ..
ya it is for me ...
i m so so scare to pass by that moment again
but wat is sad is that..
i nid to overcome it again ... in a few weeks in fornt
so i pray that all my friends ll be with me ;)
and god ll lead me through,..
hopefully everything ll be ok ... and fine with me..
and of cos i m able to achieve wat i wan ..
i realli .. have a very high hope in myself..
yet no one ll noes... somehting in my heart :)

however ... i pray that god be ith me .. n oways he will be :)

to everyone out thr... taking exam ?? or facing problems in edu ??? dun worry ..
he ll lead... :)
jux try to do ur best !! N DO PRAY FOR ME :)

all the best to SPM achievers and also STPM achievers !!!
good luck in your further studies!!!!!!!! :)


Happy Chinese New Year to all!! Gong Xi Fa Cai :) n Happy Valentine Day !!

Hei everyone!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai and happy valentine day!!

Hope tat u ll have a sweet and great moment with your love ones...
and have afun time with your family n friends :)

Enjoy the festive season !!! XD

求 1 × 2 × 3 × ... × 2008 × 2009 × 2010中末尾0的个数是多少

Introducing Zee Avi :) a nice singer:)

Hei l.. here is a nice song to share with u all!! :)

Enjoy KANTOI ;)